True lover


Do you have any problems related to relation ,social or personal. I am here to help you just by listening from your side and will going to solve with my 55 years of self life experiences .In my opinion most of the problems are there because there is no one to listen your problems patiently .Most of the part of your problem solve if someone listen to you carefully and not to react or judge immediately.

If someone react with sympathy and compassion i think solution will come by your own help .There is no good time or bad time its your attitude towards that situation at that time to handle it .

First you accept that situation as such then try to find out its ways to come over it .If you don’t have trust over anyone then find best from your worst.

If you find nothing from your present situation hadling then count your this bad experience as future guide.

If your heart says to talk to me then write to me freely .


We are not made by god we are made out of god



We born single and will die single. But all of us need social interaction to know about others to fulfill our demand of any kind.when we disappointed by others we switched to otherone an so on………?

What i feel that when we don’t know about ourselves then only we search outer world to find happiness and when desire doesn’t fulfill we blame other and sometimes self.

Then oneday we go to search truth .when we found some reality of life and got some sensible meaning of life then again we wants social interaction to help others .

These are the two reason why we wants social sites. First by ignorance and second by getting knowledge. Both ways we want social networks.

In my opinion try to go for second one to be first so you that we utelise our single breath with productive work and will not regret at old age .

Thought is totally mine someone may differ my opinion.